What are the Worst Paid Jobs in the UK?

HR Grapevine recently had a feature article “The 10 worst paid jobs in the UK” the statistics came from the ONS and reproduced by the TUC. The list featured jobs that that you would probably expect and revealed that one in five UK workers earned less than the living wage.

The top 10 worst paid jobs in the UK (average wage p.a.) were as follows:

  • Waiters and Waitresses – £12,507
  • Bar staff – £12,948
  • Hairdressers and Barbers – £13,373
  • Kitchen and catering assistants – £13,396
  • Launderers,dry cleaners and pressers – £13,767
  • Retail cashiers and check-out operators – £13,911
  • Playworkers – £14,023
  • Cleaners and Domestics – £14,164
  • Nursery nurses and assistants – £14,305
  • Other elementary services occupations – £14,575

But that’s not the whole story as their are a lot more people not covered by this survey who are in the same position or even worse earn less than the minimum wage. This survey only covers those in employment and low paid self employment is on the increase as is the number of carers.

I am not just talking about those who have had full employment, taken redundancy and used this to become self employed. Many replies to this article bore out what had become apparent to me through many conversations with budding musicians, poet’s, artists and author’s. That is that this group often earn less than those in the TUC survey. Anyone who has decided to be a carer will know how little you get to survive on.

Not included in the survey:

  • Musician, Artist, Poet, Writer – £11.875
  • Newly Self Employed – £14.350
  • Carer – £10.400

This survey is a useful indicator but like many surveys what it leaves out gives a whole other story and picture. How many other groups are their to add to this list? And those working part time who can’t find full time work are a whole other question.

If you add them all together it’s hard to see where the promised good life by politicians of all persuasions will come from for people in these groups should you vote for them at the general election.

One thing I will add is that the majority of people in these groups I have met seem to be happier than people I meet in relatively well paid jobs. Go figure, maybe it’s because they are doing what they want to?


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