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Social me – A short history of me

I have always enjoyed the “Social” aspect of work for me that has been about supporting teams and individuals, generating enthusiasm and motivating them to achieve organisational, team and individual goals. As well as enjoying social events together outside  of work.

I am lucky in this respect as I have worked mostly in and with the public sector and community and voluntary sectors. There is already a high awareness and  “Big Society” ethos in these areas and with some positive enthusiasm people are up for the challenge.

I am also a supporter of everythingWigan and promote and support my home town and it’s people at every opportunity.

Social Media is a wonderful way of imparting knowledge, connecting with people and getting real messages across to stimulate debate which is my main reason for building an online presence. Whether you agree with my point of view or not I will always appreciate people taking the time to comment on what I have written.

Finally I have a big mouth and an opinion on most subjects. Oh yes and on that subject here’s that ever useful rider “The statements and opinions here are my own and do not represent those of any organisations or groups I work with/for”.

The full history of me

I am a management, leadership and organisational development professional with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience who has worked across a number of disciplines.  The constants in my career have been motivating people, managing change, leading and supporting people through transitions, mentoring, coaching, training and developing at all levels. I use effective personal communications skills coupled with technology, music and humour to get my points across so they are remembered and more importantly used to bring about change.

I am currently a HR & OD Consultant/Business Partner at Wigan providing support and confidential consultancy to management teams going through organisational change and restructuring. I am also negotiating with Trade Unions on policy and have supported the development and implementation of management programmes I am also researching regional support programmes.

I contribute to many professional blogs, debates and websites including CMI, CIPD, Government, LinkedIn groups, Harvard Business Review, The Guardian and Economist  as well as running this blog.

I have represented the organisation at the parliamentary launch of the Chartered Management  Institutes “Better Managed Britain” manifesto s and as member of the North West Learning and Development Steering group.

Worked on the Public Leadership Challenge project with the Chartered Management Institute,ManchesterBusinessSchooland the Department for business skills and innovation

I received a personal letter of thanks from the prime Minister for my work on Charter Mark and Customer service Excellence.

So how have I been successful in the roles I have performed? Well it’s simple

  • I have made mistakes and learned from them
  • I have passed my knowledge on to others
  • I  carry out continuous professional development
  • I am myself at all times
  • I work at building relationships and putting others at ease
  • I am supportive of the team, individual and project
  • I communicate often and people understand what is expected of them
  • I use humour and engaging stories to build enthusiasm for whatever it is we are involved in
  • I try to make work fun and engaging


Virtually all my interests are covered in the pages of this blog and the surprising thing is that even though you may think they are diverse they all converge and have an effect on our  working and personal lives. My main professional areas are:

Leadership, Management, Human Resources & Organisational Development, Project Management, Training, Diversity, Health & Wellbeing, Happiness, People & Relationships, Customer Service, Social Media.

Why do I feel qualified to talk on these subjects?

I have spent quite a lot of my career working in the areas listed above and am qualified to a high level in them. I am also part of the Happiness project and have used the techniques studied.


  • MBA executive,HullUniversity
  • Diploma In Management, Chartered Management Institute
  • IT Network Management NVQ Level 4
  • HNC Electrical Engineering,WiganCollege
  • Senior Leadership Programme atManchesterUniversityBusinessSchool
  • Member Chartered Management Institute (MCMI)
  • Associate Member Chartered Institute of personnel and Development

If you wish to know more about me professionally check out my LinkedIn profile or send me a request to connect

You can also follow me on Twitter: @Thomas2BHughes

Email: enthusiasmgenerator@gmail.com

 You can also follow my personal blog which covers culture, arts, philosophy, sociology etc and anything I find interesting, amusing and informative

Live life, love life, take up challenges, be interested and support others. Become your own inspiration and enthusiasm generator.

 Tom Hughes

The Enthusiasm Generator


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