Why Your Business Needs Maslow

Their is still the odd company who think that as long as they deliver the basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchy to staff that they will perform and meet customer expectations. Happily they are in the minority. Before we move on let’s have a quick visual reminder of Maslow’s hierarchy.

Maslow's Hierarchy

Maslow’s Hierarchy

Where does your organisation or business fit in the hierarchy when dealing with staff, customers and business partners? If you can’t answer the question what are you doing with all those metrics?

Most companies help fill the basic needs for staff so the concentration should be on the higher needs and how fulfilling these for staff, customers and business partners can impact your business positively.

This is where Marlow’s hierarchy is more relevant today than it was when he developed it in 1943. Why is that? Well look at the higher need of belonging isn’t that a feeling of being part of a community? Then there’s self esteem, wanting to achieve something and be recognised by your community as being good at what you do and respected for it. Then there’s self actualization that need to be creative and develop problem solving skills. Whilst wanting to work for an organisation that values diversity and scores high on corporate social responsibility.

Whether they know it or not or even actively subscribe to it many companies operations match the higher needs on the hierarchy scale. Technology, market dictation and customer expectation has driven this. Few companies just make something and flog it to you these days, they build a buzz, they impart useful information via social media. They build a community around the company and the brand which we want to be a part of. It’s human nature we want to buy products and services of people we feel we know, even if it’s only virtually.

By the same rule we also want to work for organisations that have these values as they match our own. If your not already doing this take a look at how some of the best build a community that positively impacts growth, investor value, customer interaction and satisfaction and staff loyalty. It seems if you want your company to be a winner in today’s global marketplace you need to be looking back to go forward. Maslow’s hierarchy 1943 to date still making a difference. Now that’s a slogan.

As it’s a Friday I’ll leave you with a bit of relevant fun with Maslow’s hierarchy for you to ponder on over the weekend.

Maslow-Pyramid 2015

Maslow-Pyramid 2015









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